Is there some sort of FAJUA scam being perpetrated?

If you have been determined to be what is known in the insurance agency as a “high risk individual”, and find yourself incapable of investing in traditional automobile insurance, you probably have begun to scramble trying to find different insurance agencies that are willing to take you on as a client – without charging you an arm and a leg up front and a ridiculous amount of money on a monthly basis.

Luckily, when you decide to move forward with the Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association, all of those worries and concerns are going to disappear entirely. A legitimate service for those deemed to be “high risk individuals”, this is one of the smartest and savviest moves you can make when it comes time to get the automobile insurance you need – the automobile insurance you deserve.

Is the FAJUA a legitimate insurance service?

There are some out there that have become more than a little bit jaded about those insurance agencies and insurance companies that (at least on the surface) seem to be more than happy to assist high risk individuals, only to gouge them later with ridiculously high startup fees, an initial fees, and monthly fees – making the deal seem not so sweet in the long run.

This is a completely reasonable reaction, but it’s important that you do not lump the FAJUA in with the rest of those “predatory insurance agencies” and instead realize that this is a 100% legitimate opportunity for you to get the automobile insurance you need without ever threatening to break your bank account.

Initially set up on the back of a number of Florida laws and statutes (particularly Sections 627.311 and 627.351), this is the “real deal” and a fantastic chance for you to have a clean slate without having to spend more money on automobile insurance than any other cost associated with your vehicle!

What kind of coverage will be FAJUA be able to provide me?

The coverage that you will receive through the FAJUA is almost exactly the same as the coverage that you would have received through a traditional insurance agency, and may even be just a bit better.

Obviously, each and every single individual case will be different than another – but speaking with a FAJUA agent should provide you with all of the inside information you need to figure out exactly what kinds of coverage you’ll get, what kinds of exclusions you’ll need to deal with, and every other detail regarding your policy.

How do I get started using the FAJUA as my new insurance agency?

If you are ready to sign on the dotted line and get started with the FAJUA, you’ll want to visit and contact one of their insurance representatives to get the ball rolling. The process is relatively simple and straightforward (and as streamlined as humanly possible), guaranteeing that you will receive the auto insurance you’re looking for without any headache, hassle, stress, or pressure whatsoever!